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A properly written, catchy and original CV is the best tool you have at your fingertips during a job hunt. One important aspect of a résumé that’s often overlooked is the profile or CV Summary. A CV Profile will undoubtedly make your résumé stand out, and inevitably be the one the reader remembers.

The basic idea behind a profile is to influence the reader; making it clear on the very first page of your CV that your résumé is worth paying careful attention to, as opposed to the rest in the group.

What we’re after is a well-written, informative and easy-to-read cover page that explains the contents of your résumé. It’s easy to accomplish and can be broken down into several key steps.

Step One
“CV Profile” basically means to provide an outline. So with this, you must remember to keep things in order and to the point. You want to list your previous experience, but you do not want to be overly detailed and descriptive. Holding some details back is a good thing. You’re not trying to inundate the reader with rhetoric; simply grabbing his or her attention is the focus.

Step Two
This step further emphasises the need for attention-grabbing writing. You want to focus in on key skills you possess – the more pertinent to the particular job you’re applying to the better – and emphasise your experience, thus making it clear that you’re the right candidate to fill the job. Showcasing the level of your experience and describing marking knowledge is paramount.

Step Three
After writing your outline and emphasising a few skills, it’s time to speak about yourself in a broad sense. Write about where you see your career going; where the proverbial path has taken you thus far and where you would like it to lead. Lying isn’t recommended at all, ever, but slightly adjusting your “goals” to fit the job being applied for simply reads better.

Step Four
No matter if your worldly experience/achievements is relevant to this particular title, your experiences make you more seasoned as a professional. Employers are looking to hire the best person for the job, and aspects like these stand out. If appropriate write about different countries you’ve worked in.

Step Five

Read, reread, and edit your profile thoroughly. Once you’ve turned it in, there’s no looking back. If you think more needs to be added or taken away, now’s the time. Your CV Profile isn’t going to be difficult to write, but perfecting it is another story entirely. It requires your focus and dedication.

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