CV terminology mistakes and errors

Using the right terminology in your CV will most definitely set you apart from other applicants, however getting it wrong can seriously cock-up things.

Office Angels compiled a list of very confusing jargon terms used in CV’s. The keynote here is, stay clear of using slang or bad keyword jargon in your résumé.

1.   The two CC’s (credit crunch and current climate)

2.   Clocking real mileage (a really strong idea)

3.   A high altitude view (taking a step back)

4.   Reaching the blue ocean of success (reaching a goal)

5.   Get a helicopter view by turning 360° and then circling back to your colleagues (again, taking a step back)

6.   Let’s run that idea up the flag pole and see if it flies (try out an idea)

7.   Picking the low-lying fruit (an oldie but back on the list this year – meaning a quick win)

8.   Down to that level of granularity (meaning detail to you and I)

9.   Let’s touch base about that offline (have a chat face-to-face)

10. Feeling stressurised (under pressure and stress)

11. Strategic staircase (a plan for the future)

12. Better not let the grass grow too long on this one (act quickly)

David Clubb, managing director of Office Angels, says:  “People may think they seem more professional by using office jargon, but my advice would be that nothing beats honesty and plain talking. Concentrate on communicating clearly to ensure everyone can work efficiently and prevent your colleagues from being baffled.”

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