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How you write and present your CV profile is the golden key to capturing and holding your reader’s attention. Employers and recruiters are sometimes flooded by job applications and working through loads of CVs can be a tedious task. However, it is possible to present your Curriculum Vitae in a way which will set it apart from the all rest.

In addition to your CV’s profile, you’ll need to pay close attention to the CV’s style, layout, headings and, most of all, to the contents.

To make your Curriculum Vitae or résumé stand out from the all rest, it will be in your best interest to include the following headings:

  • CV Profile
  • Work Experience
  • Career achievements
  • Qualifications
  • Goals
  • References

The order of these headings is important as well. In the majority of cases employers prefer to receive CVs in a consistent layout. This makes their job a whole lot easier. And presenting your CV in a suitable way will immediately earn it merit points.

Start off with the CV Profile or CV Summary. This should consist of a brief overview of your entire CV, without disclosing too many details. In this CV Profile you should strive to capture your prospective employer’s attention and entice them to read your attached CV. To accomplish this does not require professional writer’s skills.

However, there is help and the CV Profile website features valuable information at no cost to jobseekers.

For more help and to view a CV Profile Sample, complete the short form below.

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