Work pressure – do you take your laptop to bed?

Times are changing and work is creeping into our personal space. More than one in four of us are finding it so hard to switch off from work that we cannot resist using a mobile device such as a laptop before bed, according to a survey by data protection specialist CREDANT Technologies.

The survey also found, of those that do use mobile devices in bed, 57% do so for between two and six hours every week, while 8% said they spend more time using such devices than talking to their partners.

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Michael Callahan, vice-president at Credant Technologies, says: “This survey confirms that there is a growing population that is no longer restricted by working hours or confined to the office building itself. People are mobile and will work anywhere – even in bed.

“Therefore, when sensitive and valuable data is being held on these devices and they get lost, it can have pretty detrimental and far-reaching consequences to both the worker and their employer.”

Don’t wait for New Year, it may be time for a new job and a better lifestyle.

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