Jobseeker expectations drop

Jobseekers are revaluating their career options, with 36% of applicants prepared to take “whatever I can get”, according to a recent study.

discouraged jobseekerResearch by recruitment website CVLibrary found that only 16% of applicants are looking for a job better than their previous position. Unskilled trade candidates’ confidence is worst hit with 58% prepared to take any position they can get.

Jobseekers in the financial sector took an average of 61 days to get a new job, four days longer than it would have taken them a year ago.

A few key factors to keep in mind:

  • Your CV needs to set you apart from other job applicants
  • Your CV needs to be concise, recruiters receive an overload of CVs, keep it short and powerful
  • Your CV needs to reach the right people

You need to walk the extra mile in current market conditions to get more exposure. This is NOT achieved by applying to every vacancy you see weather relevant OR almost relevant. Keep your applications relevant.

A brilliant tool to consider is CV broadcaster. They carefully match your CV to a database of recruiters and employers with “live jobs”. This tool can deliver your CV to hundreds of potential recruiters in a few short steps. To review the options visit: CV Broadcaster.

All the best with your job hunt!

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