Employ a job search expert

It is practically impossible to find all available jobs which may apply to you.

Firstly, because only 65% to 75% of jobs are being advertised
Secondly, in the current market lots of jobs are being filled by word of mouth
Thirdly, searching for jobs is so time consuming it is almost a full time job in itself
Fourthly, covering all the mediums where jobs are being advertised are impossible, these include; job websites, blogs, social media, employer websites, newspapers and radio stations

So, why don’t you employ someone to supplement your job search? Someone who can search all those different mediums, someone who will cover employers, head hunters and recruitment agencies someone who understands your requirements. Yes, I hear you say, but it will come at a price! Yes, it does come at a price but how much are you willing to pay someone to do this for one week or one month as it takes over 60 days to find and start a new job?

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So, here is the good news. You do not have to employ someone and it will not cost you an arm and a leg to get your CV to every single employer head hunter and recruiter we hold on our database with live jobs. We’ve been doing this for years and have a database of thousands of employers and recruiters against who we match your specific requirements. It will cost a mere £19.97 this bank holiday weekend and we match the typical CV to +100 recruiters and employers.

To make use of this exclusive offer submit your CV and we’ll deliver it to the desks of those recruiters and employers who needs what you’ve got.

Have a cracking weekend!

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