1 in 10 recruiters struggle to find candidates

Despite the recession, 1 in 10 (11%) of UK employers are facing difficulties in recruiting staff.

This could be great news to you! But careful application is needed so read further.

These stats were according to the fourth Manpower Annual Talent Shortage Survey released today. Mark Cahill, Managing Director of Manpower UK, commented: “Despite the highest levels of unemployment the UK has experienced for over a decade, employers are still struggling to recruit people with the skills they require.”
The figures remain consistent compared to the 2008 findings when 12% of employers surveyed highlighted difficulties in recruiting the right staff. However, the figures represent a marked improvement from 2007 and 2006 when 34% and 42% of employers respectively cited difficulties recruiting staff with the right skills.

Your weapon is your CV and finding that ideal job will depend on the following factors:

  1. Your CV  needs to be in the in the best possible condition it can be. It should be part of the 6% and not part of the 94% of CVs which are not good enough
  2. Is it important to get a great job? Then put your money where your mouth is and get your CV professionally reviewed
  3. Then get your CV in front of the right people

I can help you with No. 2 (indirectly with No.1) and with No.3

How? I hear you ask.

By paying a nominal fee for both a CV review and for getting your CV distributed to the right people.

But how will it land me a better job sooner?

1. Giving you a professional CV Review.

This will supply you with an objective recruiter opinion on your CV.

2. Opens the unadvertised job market up for you.

Often the best jobs are never advertised, instead they are offered first to jobseekers that have already sent their CVs to recruiters. 67% of Jobs do not make it to job boards or newspapers.

By sending your CV to recruiters directly, they will be able to consider you for the best vacancies that they never advertise.

3. Professionals matching you to jobs.

Recruiters that receive your CV, can use their experience to match you to jobs that you are best suited for. Usually, the best paying jobs for your skills.

4. 100s of recruiters working for you instantly.

In minutes you can have 100s of recruiters searching through their database of jobs for suitable positions. How else can you get your CV out to so many recruiters?

To accelerate your job search go ahead and get your CV reviewed and distribute it to employers and recruiters with live jobs for only £19.97, click here.

All the best with your job search,


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