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According to Manpower’s Talent Shortage Survey the list below details the top 10 talent shortages in the country. We disagree but let’s first look have a look at the full list:

1. Engineers

2. Skilled trades

3. Sales representatives

4. Management/executives

5. Accounting and finance staff

6. Chefs/cooks

7. Restaurant and hotel staff

8. Machinists/machine operators

9. Technicians (primarily production/operations, engineering or maintenance)

10. Receptionists

Worldwide, 30% of employers are encountering difficulties hiring staff.

The top roles that employers are finding difficult to fill globally are:

1. Skilled trades

2. Sales representatives

3. Technicians (primarily production/operations, engineering or maintenance)

4. Engineers

5. Management/executives

6. Accounting and finance staff

7. Labourers

8. Production operators

9. Secretaries, PAs, administrative assistants and office support staff

10. Drivers

All sectors experience shortages for good staff

Qualifying these shortages in the current economic climate is very difficult with between 33 and 50% of jobs not being advertised.
One thing is for certain, it is time to step up your job search strategies or it is time to ship out. Starting with your sales letter aka CV. In the current climate a poor CV is unacceptable and will get you nowhere. Get your CV professionally reviewed and we advise to get your CV on the desks of as many relevant recruiters and employers as possible.

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