How much time will it take you to secure a new job?

Before the financial crisis hit home end of 2008 it took on average 56 days for someone to start a new position. In the financial sector this figure increased to 61 days in the beginning of 2009.

New figures suggest quite a different picture. Langley James have completed a survey of candidates that registered with them in January 2009. The results were as follows:

  1. Only 5% have found a new position, leaving the other 95% still seeking that perfect opportunity
  2. 30% of candidates had not yet managed to secure an interview, with the average number of interviews amounting to just one
  3. More than a third of candidates asked would be willing to accept up to 10% lower than their expected salary in the current climate, with some candidates even stating that they would take a salary cut of up to 40%
  4. 22% of the responses however, found that candidates simply could not lower their salary expectations due to rising living costs

These stats are based upon the IT job sector, one of the only sectors where hiring figures is higher than firing.

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