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The overarching question employers have while reading your CV is: “So what?”

If you can deliver on this tough and very impersonal question you’ll make it. Let’s take a brief overview. In the current climate employers are:

  • Understaffed
  • Have limited time to review CVs, and
  • Receive multiple applications per vacancy

In our post on CV contents we focus on the ‘Achievements’ section of your CV. It is mainly your achievements that will set you apart from other job applicants and it is imperative to get a good and objective view on your CV before sending it out to multiple employers. The achievements section of your CV illustrates to the reader that your experience may be beneficiary to their company; i.e. you can save them time, money, resources, etc.
Now before you go and list loads of achievements have a look at what business expert H MacDivitt said: “This can also be the feeling experienced by many recruiters when applicants are reeling off their USPs (unique selling points). The trick is to ask them that very simple question, “So what?” For example, “So what if you worked for the largest agency in the country? Why should I care? Why does it really matter and how does it prove you can do the job?””

This statement highlights the fact that achievements in your CV needs to make sense. In an interview situation make sure that you’re able to give supporting information why your achievements are important and why they matter. Achievements supported by information and facts answers the “So what?” question and by answering it in your CV will get you shortlisted.

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