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CV scrutiny

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

The overarching question employers have while reading your CV is: “So what?”

If you can deliver on this tough and very impersonal question you’ll make it. Let’s take a brief overview. In the current climate employers are:

  • Understaffed
  • Have limited time to review CVs, and
  • Receive multiple applications per vacancy

In our post on CV contents we focus on the ‘Achievements’ section of your CV. It is mainly your achievements that will set you apart from other job applicants and it is imperative to get a good and objective view on your CV before sending it out to multiple employers. The achievements section of your CV illustrates to the reader that your experience may be beneficiary to their company; i.e. you can save them time, money, resources, etc.
Now before you go and list loads of achievements have a look at what business expert H MacDivitt said: “This can also be the feeling experienced by many recruiters when applicants are reeling off their USPs (unique selling points). The trick is to ask them that very simple question, “So what?” For example, “So what if you worked for the largest agency in the country? Why should I care? Why does it really matter and how does it prove you can do the job?””

This statement highlights the fact that achievements in your CV needs to make sense. In an interview situation make sure that you’re able to give supporting information why your achievements are important and why they matter. Achievements supported by information and facts answers the “So what?” question and by answering it in your CV will get you shortlisted.

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Have you got talent?

Friday, June 5th, 2009

According to Manpower’s Talent Shortage Survey the list below details the top 10 talent shortages in the country. We disagree but let’s first look have a look at the full list:

1. Engineers

2. Skilled trades

3. Sales representatives

4. Management/executives

5. Accounting and finance staff

6. Chefs/cooks

7. Restaurant and hotel staff

8. Machinists/machine operators

9. Technicians (primarily production/operations, engineering or maintenance)

10. Receptionists

Worldwide, 30% of employers are encountering difficulties hiring staff.

The top roles that employers are finding difficult to fill globally are:

1. Skilled trades

2. Sales representatives

3. Technicians (primarily production/operations, engineering or maintenance)

4. Engineers

5. Management/executives

6. Accounting and finance staff

7. Labourers

8. Production operators

9. Secretaries, PAs, administrative assistants and office support staff

10. Drivers

All sectors experience shortages for good staff

Qualifying these shortages in the current economic climate is very difficult with between 33 and 50% of jobs not being advertised.
One thing is for certain, it is time to step up your job search strategies or it is time to ship out. Starting with your sales letter aka CV. In the current climate a poor CV is unacceptable and will get you nowhere. Get your CV professionally reviewed and we advise to get your CV on the desks of as many relevant recruiters and employers as possible.

Consider CV broadcasting: Would you rather apply to one position at a time or by sending your CV to one recruiter at a time OR distribute your CV and reach 100s of targeted recruiters in just a few minutes for only £19.97

This amount of exposure can take months off your job search. Click here to maximise your interview exposure now by forwarding your CV directly to 100s of targeted, approved recruiters in your industry.

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Employ a job search expert

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

It is practically impossible to find all available jobs which may apply to you.

Firstly, because only 65% to 75% of jobs are being advertised
Secondly, in the current market lots of jobs are being filled by word of mouth
Thirdly, searching for jobs is so time consuming it is almost a full time job in itself
Fourthly, covering all the mediums where jobs are being advertised are impossible, these include; job websites, blogs, social media, employer websites, newspapers and radio stations

So, why don’t you employ someone to supplement your job search? Someone who can search all those different mediums, someone who will cover employers, head hunters and recruitment agencies someone who understands your requirements. Yes, I hear you say, but it will come at a price! Yes, it does come at a price but how much are you willing to pay someone to do this for one week or one month as it takes over 60 days to find and start a new job?

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So, here is the good news. You do not have to employ someone and it will not cost you an arm and a leg to get your CV to every single employer head hunter and recruiter we hold on our database with live jobs. We’ve been doing this for years and have a database of thousands of employers and recruiters against who we match your specific requirements. It will cost a mere £19.97 this bank holiday weekend and we match the typical CV to +100 recruiters and employers.

To make use of this exclusive offer submit your CV and we’ll deliver it to the desks of those recruiters and employers who needs what you’ve got.

Have a cracking weekend!

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Jobseeker expectations drop

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Jobseekers are revaluating their career options, with 36% of applicants prepared to take “whatever I can get”, according to a recent study.

discouraged jobseekerResearch by recruitment website CVLibrary found that only 16% of applicants are looking for a job better than their previous position. Unskilled trade candidates’ confidence is worst hit with 58% prepared to take any position they can get.

Jobseekers in the financial sector took an average of 61 days to get a new job, four days longer than it would have taken them a year ago.

A few key factors to keep in mind:

  • Your CV needs to set you apart from other job applicants
  • Your CV needs to be concise, recruiters receive an overload of CVs, keep it short and powerful
  • Your CV needs to reach the right people

You need to walk the extra mile in current market conditions to get more exposure. This is NOT achieved by applying to every vacancy you see weather relevant OR almost relevant. Keep your applications relevant.

A brilliant tool to consider is CV broadcaster. They carefully match your CV to a database of recruiters and employers with “live jobs”. This tool can deliver your CV to hundreds of potential recruiters in a few short steps. To review the options visit: CV Broadcaster.

All the best with your job hunt!

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CV Typos

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Being April it may be appropriate to say there are not only April Fools out there but real fools. Making a grammatical or spelling error on your CV can have unnecessary effects.
Corinne Mills, career management spokesperson for Monster, reveals a few interesting CV clangers.

The mistakes included:
“As security guard my job is to pervert unauthorised people from coming onto the site.”

“My job involved processing clams.”

“My interests include cooking dogs and interesting people.”

“I was responsible for dissatisfied customers.”

“I relieved the conference manager”

“I am a prooficient typist.”

“I was responsible for fraudulent claims.”

This may have actually been an effort to tempt an employer: “While working in this role, I had intercourse with a variety of people.”

And lastly, probably the worst CV mistake of all is admitting a falling out with not just one, but several bosses: “Left last four jobs only because the managers were completely unreasonable.”

She concluded: “These mistakes were all made by job seekers applying for professional, in some cases high-level positions. The moral of this story is that it doesn’t matter how well-qualified you are, badly written CVs mean closed doors.”

Do not make mistakes on your CV.

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CV Profile Sample

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

How you write and present your CV profile is the golden key to capturing and holding your reader’s attention. Employers and recruiters are sometimes flooded by job applications and working through loads of CVs can be a tedious task. However, it is possible to present your Curriculum Vitae in a way which will set it apart from the all rest.

In addition to your CV’s profile, you’ll need to pay close attention to the CV’s style, layout, headings and, most of all, to the contents.

To make your Curriculum Vitae or résumé stand out from the all rest, it will be in your best interest to include the following headings:

  • CV Profile
  • Work Experience
  • Career achievements
  • Qualifications
  • Goals
  • References

The order of these headings is important as well. In the majority of cases employers prefer to receive CVs in a consistent layout. This makes their job a whole lot easier. And presenting your CV in a suitable way will immediately earn it merit points.

Start off with the CV Profile or CV Summary. This should consist of a brief overview of your entire CV, without disclosing too many details. In this CV Profile you should strive to capture your prospective employer’s attention and entice them to read your attached CV. To accomplish this does not require professional writer’s skills.

However, there is help and the CV Profile website features valuable information at no cost to jobseekers.

For more help and to view a CV Profile Sample, complete the short form below.

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CV Preparation

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

With the current economic crisis affecting the entire world in one way or another, it’s harder to get a job today than ever before. Valuable skills are needed to gain employment, and even if you’re an expert in your respective field, you need to get the word out in a way that makes you stand above the dense crowd.

Taking advantage of your CV and networking to employers and recruiters gets your name in the mix. But it’s not only about employers seeing your name around; they need to know you have the proficiency to not only do the job, but to perform at a higher level than any other candidate.

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One of the biggest hurdles you’ll face while seeking employment is preparing a proper and noticeable CV. Let’s face it; the competition out there is stiff in today’s climate. Unless you really put some effort into CV preparation, you’re basically coming across like every other Joe Nobody in the pile.

Hold your horses. Don’t go preparing your CV just yet. You may be an electronic wizard or ready to write Einstein’s theory out of existence, but you’re not an expert on CV preparation. The best approach you can possibly take in CV preparation is to let the experts guide you. There’s more to landing a job than just your experience.

Look at it from the employers view: here’s another résumé, boasting similar credentials, formatted the same, overhyped and under-formatted in a hard-to-read style – would you hire you? The right move is to take it to the CV preparation experts. The benefits are virtually endless.

Applying the correct CV preparation techniques will save you valuable time in searching for jobs, provide you with more opportunities, find better-paying jobs, and gives you the reassurance that your Curriculum Vitae is written to reflect your best potential. No matter what type of job you’re seeking, sign up for our free CV preparation advice. It will make a world of difference.

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CV errors – 94% of CVs not good enough

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Most CVs are not good enough to be taken forward any further, according to Personal Career Management, a career coaching company.

They performed a study which found that 94% of CVs reviewed were not good enough to be carried forward to the next stage of the recruitment process.

Of the 450 CVs studied;

  • 81% had spelling or grammar errors
  • 13% were poorly displayed or used irrelevant, clumsy language.

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Julian Acquari, Monster UK and Ireland’s MD, says: “In the current economic climate it is vital that people searching for jobs do not sabotage their chances and fall at the first hurdle by submitting CVs with mistakes.”

“Spelling and grammar errors or typographical errors do not convey a conscientious work ethic, and many employers only need to see one mistake to send your CV straight to the recycling bin. Your CV is a potential employer’s first introduction to you, so it’s vital that it makes a good impression.”

To be part of the 6%, complete the form below and receive a free email course on Professional CV Writing guidelines (You’ll also receive a free CV Template, preferred by 93%* of Employers and Recruiters)

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CV terminology mistakes and errors

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Using the right terminology in your CV will most definitely set you apart from other applicants, however getting it wrong can seriously cock-up things.

Office Angels compiled a list of very confusing jargon terms used in CV’s. The keynote here is, stay clear of using slang or bad keyword jargon in your résumé.

1.   The two CC’s (credit crunch and current climate)

2.   Clocking real mileage (a really strong idea)

3.   A high altitude view (taking a step back)

4.   Reaching the blue ocean of success (reaching a goal)

5.   Get a helicopter view by turning 360° and then circling back to your colleagues (again, taking a step back)

6.   Let’s run that idea up the flag pole and see if it flies (try out an idea)

7.   Picking the low-lying fruit (an oldie but back on the list this year – meaning a quick win)

8.   Down to that level of granularity (meaning detail to you and I)

9.   Let’s touch base about that offline (have a chat face-to-face)

10. Feeling stressurised (under pressure and stress)

11. Strategic staircase (a plan for the future)

12. Better not let the grass grow too long on this one (act quickly)

David Clubb, managing director of Office Angels, says:  “People may think they seem more professional by using office jargon, but my advice would be that nothing beats honesty and plain talking. Concentrate on communicating clearly to ensure everyone can work efficiently and prevent your colleagues from being baffled.”

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A CV Layout

Friday, February 6th, 2009

We frequently get the question asked “Please provide an example of a CV layout.”. This term is slightly confusing since are you referring to the CV Style, or to the CV Contents, or to both?

For arguments sake let us divide this into two different entities.

CV Style

There are actually lots to be written about a CV’s style. And since it is not the time or place to go into great depths now I will rather dedicate a full article on CV Style in the next few days. Once completed I will include a direct link to it here.

In short we will cover;
White Space

These aspects make it easy to almost impossible to understand the contents of a CV.

CV Contents
As important as the CV Style is its contents. 99% of the working population will disagree with this statement however a cluttered CV written IN ALL CAPS MAKES IT DIFFICULT TO READ AND IF THERE IS NOT ENOUGH WHITE SPACE THE PIECE OF PAPER GETS PUT ASIDE BECAUSE OF ITS UNSIGHTLINESS UGLINESS.

If you look at the paragraph above it is clearly not a pretty sight. Anyways, let us continue with the CV Contents. We have a dedicated page on which we promote a CV layout which is preferred by 93% of employers and recruiters. These statistics has been carried out to help our candidates best, and to be sure our CV template hits home.

To download and read more on this free template, visit the CV Profile Example page, this discusses CV Contents in detail.

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