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CV Summary

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Writing a CV Summary as an introduction to your Curriculum Vitae / Résumé can be the key to captivate the reader’s attention. And this is precisely what we will focus on in this post.

We want your CV’s introduction to convince the reader that this CV is worth looking at and that it deserves careful reading.

The heading CV Summary may not be the best way to grab your readers attention so in the majority of cases we prefer to rather refer to a CV Profile or CV Cover Letter.

Begin with previous experience but do not supply too much detail since it is purposefully held back to be disclosed later in your CV. You can have an intro along the lines of: “With 5 years experience in project management…..”.
Only if it is very relevant to this particular job application be exact, otherwise, like mentioned, hold some details back.

Next, focus the reader’s attention on a few key skills and abilities such as “multi-disciplinary team co-ordination skills”. This will put emphasis on more reasons why you may well be the candidate for the job.

Now that you have established an outline on your background and your skills it is time to look at the future. You can state what you’re looking for and where you would like to go. It may be worth your while to alter your goals here marginally depending upon the job you’re applying for. The reason for this is, employers sometimes disclose information in the job description which will help you to formulate goals better for a particular job application. This may be along the lines of “seeking to develop my career in the field of aerospace engineering project management”.

It is time to review what you have written and add to it a bit about yourself. This makes your CV summary / profile more personal and it tells the reader who you are as a person. The use adjectives will prompt the reader to read on. A few examples may be “quality conscious… strong experience… detail oriented… dependable…

Writing this is not rocket science. Your background will most definitely equip you to write your summary in a way familiar to your prospective employer. A good CV summary will most definitely grab your employer’s attention and set the stage for a proper CV review!

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CV Draft – How to Draft a CV

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Creating a Draft CV is the foundation and set the guidelines for creating a professional CV.

 CV Drafting
This is possibly one of the most important parts of CV preparation but unfortunately it is greatly overlooked. However here are a few simple steps to follow which will enable you to have a draft CV literally in minutes.

 CV Draft Elements
Presented below is the CV headings from most to least important.
Work Experience
Career achievements
CV Profile Format / Layout
CV Cover Letter

 Three most important parts of your CV
The 3 most important bits upon which an employer will base your suitability for a job is:
Career achievements

Spend most of your time on these elements. Employers are looking for the most suitable candidate for a particular job. They will shortlist your CV only if you have the necessary skills.
Present your CV and especially the 3 most important parts of your CV in a way which will attract their attention.
If you do not have any work experience look at our graduate CV section.

 Free CV Draft
We offer you a Free CV Draft or CV Template. To download it complete the form below.

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