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Using correct CV Headings will definitely place your CV in a professional light. HR personnel, employers and recruiters review CVs frequently and for each of them there is a slight change of emphasis they lay on the different CV headlines.

Just as important as correct CV headings are their order. It is of no use to a prospective employer to see your “Hobbies and Interests” or your “References” first. The order of your CV headings gives structure to your CV and it makes it easy for the reader to navigate.
For instance, when referring to a car’s manual you do not have to be a mechanic to find the bit about the battery. You know out of experience that manuals have a list of contents in the front and an index at the back. It is there to ease navigation and search.
Likewise, having your CV headings in the correct order will give a professional look to your CV and the reader will be familiar with the layout.

Headings for your CV
Cover Letter / Profile
Personal Details
Work Experience
Career achievements

Apart from the headings and just as important is the CV’s style or format. We offer a free template with the correct CV headings included.

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