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 What is a CV Profile?

In actual fact a CV profile is outline or summary of the Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Résumé. In this post we will focus on:
Writing a Report Style CV, or CV Profile

We have done in-depth research in collaboration with CV Broadcaster on what type of CV Profile Style is most acceptable to Employers and Recruiters across different industry sectors.

The conclusion is that there is no definite layout. However in 93% of the 711 Employers and Recruiters we polled we found a golden thread of what are seen as valuable aspects of one’s CV or Résumé.

Statistically 93% is so high that we can almost claim to have the golden key to unlock the secrets of the most appealing CV Profile.
It is our experience that this golden thread of what is seen as valuable in the style of your CV profile will open doors to you.

Therefore supplying a CV profile in this Employer Preferred Format will most definitely play a major part in landing you that sought after job.

 Most Important part of your CV
Let us start with what is regarded by 66.9% of employers as the most important part of your CV.
“Your Experience”
Over two thirds of Employers regard the “Employment History”, “Work History” or “Experience” part of your CV profile as the most important.

 Headings for your CV
Following Experience employers prioritised the following CV Profile categories (from most to least important):
Career Achievements
CV Profile Format / Layout
Cover Letter

 Least important on your CV
Please note that out of the 711 Employers polled all of them, yes 100% of them indicated that Hobbies & Interests were of NO interest to them! There was not a single vote to make Hobbies & Interests part of your CV. However, we see this section religiously on 97% of CVs.

Do not feed prospective employers what they do not want. Time is the most precious commodity and you do not want to put any single thing on your CV which will distract a potential employer from seeing what they need to see on your CV.

So, the MOST IMPORTANT PART of your CV Profile is Your Experience.
This is the part on which you will need to spend 100% of think work and this is the part which needs to dominate your CV.

Keep in mind that your CV is your sales letter to prospective employers. What are you selling? Your skills and your time.
Take a quick view from an employers angle. The employer needs a job done and browse through available candidate CVs. In the majority of cases the employer will be looking for the candidates best equipped to do the job. This is your opportunity to specify all your experience and qualities to convince the prospective employer you are the best person for the job. (Graduates look at our Graduate CV section)

To summarise;
 Elements needed for your CV Profile
Career achievements
CV Profile Format / Layout
CV Cover Letter

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