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The entire world’s economy is rapidly fluctuating, and the job market is riddled with those seeking positions. However, the job market presents only finite opportunity. Simply put, there aren’t enough jobs to go around. When you apply for a job and turn in your CV, are you sure that it’s good enough to make the grade? Having an effective cover letter can make a world of difference.

One Chance
You will never get a second chance to make your first impression on an employer. They’re reading hundreds of résumés from qualified individuals; what makes yours stand out in the crowd? A cover letter is essentially an accoutrement to your CV.

Importance of a Cover Letter
CV cover letters are still necessary in today’s marketplace. They act as a way to gracefully introduce yourself to the reader, and inject a little of “you” into your résumé. The importance cannot be undersold; every candidate the reader looks over is undoubtedly qualified for the position. It’s your personality and professionalism that sells in this situation.

The first step in preparing a good cover letter is to be personable. For example, you wouldn’t want to start out with a simple, “Hello.” That reads more like, “To whom it may concern.” Instead, you want to address the reader, if at all possible, or write to the hiring manager.

The entire length of your résumé’s cover letter should be no longer than four paragraphs. You can draw a lot of positive attention to yourself in just a few hundred words; don’t think otherwise.

In the first paragraph you write, give the reader an explanation of why you’re writing. Let the reader know that you’re answering the company’s ad, applying for the position, etc. Be short here but eloquent. Use proper grammar and make sure to be engaging.

Next, you get to showcase your skills a bit. Explain to the reader exactly why you’re the best possible candidate for this position. Show your knowledge of the company and position applied for; give a quick outline of your career and goals – past, present and future – and keep it clean. Use either a first-person narrative or bullet-points to highlight this paragraph.

Finish the letter by indicating that you plan to follow up with the employer in the near future. Be sure to always use sign-offs like “Sincerely,” “Cordially,” “Respectfully,” etc. Using terms and words like “Thanks,” “Hoping to hear from you,” etc, are unprofessional. Be sure to close with your name, just like a letter you would mail.

Be thorough when proofreading the CV’s cover letter. You don’t want any typos or grammatical mistakes. If applying online, you can attach the cover letter in a separate file. If applying in person, make a hard copy of your cover letter.

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