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Since the dawn of language, certain words and phrases have always been more poignant than others. For example, what’s the fastest way to clear a building, yelling “smoke” or “fire”? Can you spot the not-so-subtle difference between “Killed” and “Murdered”? How about “Trouble” and “Danger”? There are certain keywords that resonate with us all and warrant particular reactions.

The pen is far mightier than the sword, and the written word can either get your hired or overlooked when it comes to your CV. There are thousands upon thousands of people on the job hunt each and every day. Odds suggest that the job you’re applying for has hundreds of other applicants, all of whom bring in a CV. It’s essential that your résumé stand out above the rest.

By using keywords, you can make your CV literally “pop” when being read. Instead of the boring, mundane information packed into two pages, a keyword-laden CV is exciting to read, thus improving your chances of employment.

But that’s just half the battle when it comes to résumé keywords. A lot of recruitment agencies are actually employing an Internet trick. Instead of someone reading them manually, the CVs are fed through computers where keywords are picked out and the respective CVs given a second look.

For example, you may have been in charge of “managing special projects” at your last job. But the computer is looking for one particular keyword phrase: “Project Manager.” This simple change can increase your chances exponentially.

These keywords help set you apart from people who may not have the necessary experience. You’re going up against far less competition by using proper keywords.

Keywords can be found by checking your local classified ads or career websites. You’ll notice a keyword, or “buzz” word, by seeing the same word/s used to describe similar jobs. However, you will still need to properly formulate your CV. Even if yours is set aside due to the use of keywords, it still needs to be read by an actual person who will make the decision.

Some of the current keywords include Strategic planning, Organizational design, E-commerce, Change Management, MBA, Customer retention, Corporate Vision, Cost reduction, Team building, New Media, and many, many more. Finding and applying proper keywords where necessary is a great way to increase your odds.

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