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Sell your skills by using your CV

One of the most important factors of your CV is the work history you list. Employers are interested in hiring qualified individuals who are not only skilled at the designated task, but also skilled in other areas. Selling your particular skill-set to an employer can be easy enough to accomplish if you know exactly how to approach it.

There’s an art to making your CV read like a biased stat-card of your working life. It can easily end up looking mundane and be passed over by employers. A few industry tips and tricks can go a long way to selling your skills using your CV

The first step you want to take here is “Research.” Look at your job history – all of it. Did your boss commend you for a job well done way back in 1994? Any work experience is relevant; you only have to decipher the good from the bad and list the positive aspects of your career that make you a better hire than the next guy.

Think back on all the times you were proud of yourself for the job you performed. Whether it was a minor accomplishment or a groundbreaking, company altering triumph, make a list of all the times you made yourself and the people around you proud. Review the list you composed and list the ones that are most flattering to you. You need to identify those unique selling points of yourself.

And most importantly: explain to the reader why he or she should hire you instead of another applicant. You need to differentiate between other applicants by showcasing your achievements. Take the list you compiled and arrange them – best/most flattering first.

Be very self-flattering. A lot of other applicants may have similar job skills. You want to stand out above the crowd by listing your experience in a way that they’re not. You can use language as your best friend here and easily emphasise what makes you the right hire.

Keep the following in mind
Make it transparent if you are a team player or an army of one? Make sure to list achievements as they happened. If you were a member of a team that saved a company from bankruptcy, list it that way. Never lie about it. If you were the leader of that team, make sure to showcase that particular moment in your career history.

Use action to create action. Strong verbiage can be used to entice the reader. Action words such as “Supervised,” “Achieved,” “Initiated,” and “Implemented” are all good, strong words to use. Things that you achieved, initiated – teams that you supervised; it works well to sell your skills on your CV to your employer.

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