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Is there a definitive way to make your CV stand out above the many competitors who are also after the same position? That question can be answered two ways. The first, yes, there is a way to give you a leg-up on your competition. By implementing the proper layout techniques, your résumé becomes a diamond in the rough.

The second part of that answer deals with the “definitive” way. There’s no one tried-and-true standard in terms of specifics; it’s more of a carefully crafted template that helps to increase your odds. Your CV layout is a very important factor if you’re looking to land that job. Click here for the Graduate CV Template

You want to make sure and prioritise here; leaving out what you don’t need and emphasising what the reader wants. Today’s fast-paced world leaves applicants at a big disadvantage. Most résumé readers can only invest a few seconds on your CV, so important factors like your USP (Unique Selling Point) need to be brought to the forefront.

The Proven CV Template

A: CV Cover Letter

A CV cover letter is a nice touch to a résumé. Your letter should start out by addressing the reader formally, and it should engage the reader. The cover letter should be no more than 4 paragraphs, illustrating experience and showcasing your personality. Read more on the cover letter by clicking here.

B: Contact Details

This step, obviously, is a no-brainer in terms of “how-to.” You want to list your name and address on the front of your CV, but keep this to 2 or 3 lines at most. Other personal details, whether they’re pertinent to the position or not, should be listed on the back of your CV.

C: CV Summary/ CV Profile

It’s important not to mince or waste words with this step. Your résumé summary or résumé profile should be short and concise. Within your summary / profile, you should illustrate a few factors and use this as an opportunity to present your case for employment.

Your summary should list the level of experience you possess, relevant sectors, any and all market knowledge, and countries you’ve worked in. Writing a persuasive CV Profile is not difficult; however, it is rather important that it be well-written. For more information visit the following page: CV Profile Example

D: Level of Education

How much education do you have? Is it pertinent to the particular field of which you’re applying? Any Bachelor’s, Master’s, Associate’s degrees, etc, will fit nicely here. It is important to display your level of education, rather than, say, your hobbies and interests. Personality counts for a lot, but education trumps all. You can display your personality in your writing.
List your most recent education first then work backwards. Include aspects such as Institution Name, Level of Education and applicable dates.

Should you have more than 10 years relevant work experience, list your work history first and then your Education information.

Those who left or graduated school / college / university should list their Level of Education before their Employment History.

E: Particular Skills

Briefly describe skills as they’re pertinent to the position or company. Again, be succinct and careful not to waste space with skills that aren’t necessary to the position.

F: Employment History

66.9% of all employers cite “work experience” as the most important factor when determining whether or not to hire an employee.

You want to start by showcasing your most recent employment history, then working backwards. Give detailed accounts of your experience.

For each position you held in the past, give a brief description of the role. Following that, you then want to list your career achievements.

What sets you apart from the rest of the pack? This is what prospective employers will be looking at closely to determine their next move.

G: References

Of course, you only want to list good references here. It is important, prior to sending out your CV, that you speak to your references, asking their permission to include them on your CV.

It will also be pertinent to discuss your job application with your references. This will supply your references an idea on what you’re aiming at and even help them to better promote your strengths.

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