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If you have stiff competition in the job market, the way your CV is formatted is the defining factor in receiving the job you want or continuing the search. A CV template or Curriculum Vitae Template is basically the layout you choose for your résumé. And as you can guess, the correct template is the proverbial make-or-break choice in the hunt for the right J-O-B.

What to put in your CV is not an industry secret. However, making it stand out and formatting a reader-friendly, informative and original CV is more like a fine art. The average employer looks at dozens if not hundreds of résumés to fill an open position. The vast majority employ a basic template: Name, address, telephone, DOB, spousal information, work history, education, qualifications, and a few other tidbits.

Simple enough, right? Well, if most are the same, the first CV reads like the hundredth CV, and “who” to hire becomes a dice-game. Making your CV stand out in a crowd with a fresh and unique template increases your odds on recognition alone. However, you still need the experience to back it up.

Employers expect to read interesting personal information from applicants. They want to know what drives you, what sets you apart from the mundane. Employers also need to know about your employment history. What do you plan to tell them? It’s not about jotting down some simple dates. The employer wants to know about your job, your duties, what did you achieve, why you left, and why you fit in with their company.

Formatting the Proper CV Template
How it Infinitely Increase Your Odds

Writing the proper CV is akin to writing an essay. Starting it tends to be the hardest part. Not every type of CV is going to be the same; it’s all job dependent. But the winning formula for a professional CV template never changes. Find the right template to follow, and your odds of receiving that job have just increased exponentially.

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