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Although there are many templates and writing guides out there that help average people to formulate a professional CV, nothing beats the real thing. Professional CV writers are in a league all their own. They’re privy to the changing marketplace and know exactly how to make your résumé stand out among hundreds of others. The advantages of using a professional are endless.

For starters, the job field is enormous. Maybe you can use some tips and a good template and receive an interview. But nine times out of ten, you’ll receive a rejection letter – if you’re contacted at all. 77% of all professionally written CVs get immediate contact by the top job recruiters out there! That’s a staggering statistic.

Employers are looking for job skills. A professional CV writer knows exactly how to list your skills and achievements to maximise your chances of contact and getting that interview.

Grammar is always important in any type of writing. Sure, you may know the difference between a colon and semi-colon, but professionals know things about writing that never occur to the laymen. Various words and phrases can make or break your chances, and the experts know what they are.

Do you know what to leave out of your CV? A lot of times, people love implementing too much of their personality when writing a résumé. They put a date on it, use bright colours and bold graphics. The qualified CV writers of the world not only know what to put in, but they know exactly what to leave out.

It’s also more convenient to have someone skilled and adept at CV writing handle the load for you. If you were to put together a résumé yourself, you could spend days trying to build a cover letter, write a summary, arrange your work experience, etc. A skilled writer, on the other hand, does this for a living; it’s second-nature. You can spend time doing other things while your CV is in good hands.

The biggest advantage, by far, is simply the word “professional.” These men and women are in business for a reason. 3 out of 4 professionally written CVs receiving immediate contact says more than a long list of other advantages ever could.

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