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A CV Layout

Friday, February 6th, 2009

We frequently get the question asked “Please provide an example of a CV layout.”. This term is slightly confusing since are you referring to the CV Style, or to the CV Contents, or to both?

For arguments sake let us divide this into two different entities.

CV Style

There are actually lots to be written about a CV’s style. And since it is not the time or place to go into great depths now I will rather dedicate a full article on CV Style in the next few days. Once completed I will include a direct link to it here.

In short we will cover;
White Space

These aspects make it easy to almost impossible to understand the contents of a CV.

CV Contents
As important as the CV Style is its contents. 99% of the working population will disagree with this statement however a cluttered CV written IN ALL CAPS MAKES IT DIFFICULT TO READ AND IF THERE IS NOT ENOUGH WHITE SPACE THE PIECE OF PAPER GETS PUT ASIDE BECAUSE OF ITS UNSIGHTLINESS UGLINESS.

If you look at the paragraph above it is clearly not a pretty sight. Anyways, let us continue with the CV Contents. We have a dedicated page on which we promote a CV layout which is preferred by 93% of employers and recruiters. These statistics has been carried out to help our candidates best, and to be sure our CV template hits home.

To download and read more on this free template, visit the CV Profile Example page, this discusses CV Contents in detail.

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