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Finding a job can prove to be very challenging as you have to juggle all the channels at hand and coordinate them with all the resources (newspaper ads, job websites and recruiters) while trying to cover all bases. As part of your job search, you also need to bring your CV up to date.
Job searching is time consuming and under normal market conditions it takes, on the average, 57 days to start on a new job. In the current economic climate it takes much longer and there is no estimating how long it may take you to find and start a new job.
CV Broadcaster has an amazing technique which will help you find and start your next job quickly. This technique involves distributing your CV to a targeted network of recruiters and employers which will then land your CV on the desks of the right people within just a few hours.

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The process:
Complete the registration form and …

  1. Specify your job needs; job sector, job type etc.
  2. Specify where you would like to work (location).
  3. Remit the minimal and very reasonable fee (as appropriate to your location).
  4. Attach your CV and submit.

CV Broadcaster, a company specialising in CV and résumé distribution, will match your preferences to their huge database of recruiters and employers. At no extra charge, you’ll receive a CV review and a professionally composed cover letter, both of which will be sent to matched recruiters and employers.
The database at CV Broadcaster consists of thousands of recruiters and your CV will be delivered to the right decision makers in no time at all.
Distributing your CV will speed up the process to find a job. To submit your application straight away register below!

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